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Student Finance

Student Finance can appear confusing at first and as a parent you may be wondering how your child goes about getting a loan for university or what you can do to help your child complete the finance forms?

Your child will have to apply to Student Finance in order to receive loans to cover their tuition fees and to help with living costs. If your child is applying based on their household income, you'll simply be asked to confirm your income online after they have applied to Student Finance. It's worth noting that as a parent of a student, you are not liable for the repayment of their student loan. 

Click here for some frequently asked parent questions regarding student finance. It's worth noting however that higher education options such as apprenticeships do not contain tuition fees! 

Additional funding

Depending on your circumstances it's possible that your child may qualify for extra financial help in the form of bursaries or scholarships. 

However, qualifying criteria such as personal circumstances, household income, where you live and what your child is intending to study varies from one university to another so it's worth contacting the university to see if your child is eligable for any additional funding. Search here for available scholarships or download the grid below to view additional funding available from each institution. 


For some students at university, it may be the first time that they will be taking responsibility for bank accounts, bills, insurance and shopping so budgeting may be a whole new concept! Online budget calculators such as this one allow the student to calculate spending money once any income and outgoings have been totted up. For the tech-savvy student there are also phone apps such as 'Goodbudget' and 'Monefy' if they prefer to organise their life via their phone! 

If you want to give your child some good old fashioned advice however, this link provides some handy tips on managing finance as a student.

Part-time jobs

It's likely that your child will need to subsidise a student loan with some additional income such as a part-time job. See the below links to advise your child on the benefits of part-time work plus tips on finding a job and balancing work and study.

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