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If you have been researching options for your child, you may have heard a lot about apprenticeships and, with the number of available apprenticeships growing, many people are choosing this route.

There are fantastic benefits to being an apprentice and these include:

  • No debt - There are no tuition fees when undertaking an apprenticeship
  • Earn while you learn - An apprentice is entitled to a salary and paid holiday just like a regular employee.
  • Practical experience - An apprentice will be learning in a 'real-life' situation. 
  • Employment opportunities - Apprenticeships train in the skills that employers want and very often stay with a company once the apprenticeship is complete
  • Learning style - Provides a more vocational pathway for those who like to learn by doing
  • Recognised qualification - With higher and degree apprenticeships available, a qualification can be gained that is equivalent to a Honours degree or even a Master's degree

For an A - Z of apprenticeships click here (Note that apprenticeships marked Level 4 and above are Higher Education apprenticeships) or click on this link to search according to a type of job. 

Applying - Apprenticeship vacancies appear throughout the year and you can apply through or some employers may ask you to apply directly to them so keep an eye on company websites. 

Click here for a parent's view of key apprenticeship points. A more detailed round up of information, advice and guidance can be found in UCAS' guide to apprenticeships and Which? complete guide to higher and degree apprenticeships

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