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WON Workshops - KS4 Other Higher Education Options

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The WON is offering the opportunity for our team to come into your school and deliver this session to your KS4 pupils in the classroom. The aim of this session is to enlighten students about their possible Higher Education options if university isn’t for them. We will explore how the different qualification routes can get them to their chosen destination and help them to understand their possible options. 

We will also provide guidance about how to make good qualification choices and how to use Careerpilot to help them plot their route. 

 This session is paired with our other KS4 session - University, the nuts and bolts which demonstrates how university is different to school and seeks to overcome common university misconceptions. We would recommend that students engage with both sessions so they understand all of the Higher Education options available to them. 

We will work with your school to adapt the session to fit in with your school timetable and class sizes. We would recommend allowing 45-60 minutes for each session. Click "Register Interest" to find out more information and to book your session.