The Careerpilot website helps 13-19 year olds in the South of England to plan their progression to study and work by providing impartial and accessible information about all pathways available to 14, 16 and 18 year olds, and about twenty job sectors including predicted growth areas. The site also includes Career tools to help young people record their skills and make decisions. The WON uses Careerpilot in all of its sessions. 

Careerpilot also includes a Parent Zone and an Adviser Zone – with lesson plan, resources and presentations for teachers to use.

Careerpilot is used by 60,000 young people a month and of 2000 surveyed 98% said they found it useful. 

Free resources for schools in the WON area: 

Each WON school can apply for a set of free promotional materials for one year group and their parentsl. Materials include – smart cards, stickers and posters.

Apply here!

Free training for teachers in the WON area:

The Western Vocational Progression Network (WVPC) is offering schools and colleges in the WON area, free Careerpilot teacher training sessions.

They will train a minimum of 5 staff and a maximum of the whole staff team in a 30—45 mins webinar or a 45—60 minute face-to-face session. The session will be planned in conjunction with the school to best meet the needs of the staff who will attend.

To apply for a free training session apply here and complete the form.



The Western Vocational Progression Consortium

Careerpilot is funded and managed by the the Western Vocational Progression Consortium (WVPC). The WVPC is a consortium of higher education institutions in the South West and is committed to broadening access to higher education for young people and adults.

Contact Careerpilot at careerpilot@bath.ac.uk

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